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OPERATION WHOLE was founded by the Tisdalle’s in 1995 as a ministry of evangelism particularly in Africa, specifically utilizing the open door in the HIV/AIDS crisis. OPERATION WHOLE (OW) seeks to develop ministry with related curriculum, age-appropriate handout booklets for the masses and essential tools to equip national leadership in meeting the AIDS crises in their families and communities. We also seek to train (with certificated seminar courses) and send out national people to their own communities, being empowered to effectively and holistically deal with HIV/AIDS. The principle of sustainable, localized AIDS ministry from a Christian perspective conducted by OW is user- friendly, contextually, culturally relevant, and “lay” in implementation.

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Training, educating and equipping individuals and communities in life skills for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support. Providing effective materials that will aid in education for personal empowerment in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa.

“Africa…Operation Whole”…Who we are and what we do:

Operation Whole is a non-profit, humanitarian registered NGO (registration #2000/011474/08) funded entirely by individuals and organizations who desire to put their resources into an organization where 100% given by donors goes directly to HIV/AIDS education, prevention, care and materials. All staff is either voluntary or funded separately.

A Christian ethos, humanitarian outreach to Africa, through morally-based teaching and curriculum to save lives from the human tragedy of HIV infection and untimely death as a result of AIDS.

A traditional-value, morally-based program which emphasizes the solution to HIV/AIDS as being responsible life-skill choices; moral responsibility to God, oneself and others; abstinence until married; fidelity in marriage; and personal self-worth as taught in the Holy Bible.

Directed by Rev. Vern Tisdalle, long-standing educator-teacher in Africa, Canada and America. “Africa…Operation Whole” has built a long-standing reputation in 8 Sub-Saharan nations for developing indigenous peer educators, helping national branches to self-sufficiency in funding and teamwork in rendering professional services in HIV/AIDS.

Non-commercial approach on the basis of the VALUE of INDIVIDUAL WORTH and CARING CONCERN about the future of this generation, as opposed to high marketing approaches or profit.

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