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Highly motivational presentations are conducted for students in post High School institutions and contain the following:

Understanding the mindset of the generation of the 1990’s and examining it with the values of their parents’ generation in:
moral values breakdown
negative peer pressure
negativity towards God, the local Church, organized religion, etc.
media and peer pressure influence
personal responsibility, community participation and personal excellence

Taking personal responsibility in the HIV/AIDS crises by examining areas of:
personal life-style and choices
personal involvement to stop the pandemic
positive communication to peers that will help in awareness and pro-active ways to contain the pandemic
corporate involvement in church and community in HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitization

Academic preparedness in the HIV/AIDS pandemic with hands-on education in the following:
current up-date in the AIDS crises worldwide and in Africa
HIV/AIDS practical understanding
why there is no cure and why Africa’s productive community is the largest sector worldwide threatened with premature death
STD’s, what they look like and their results
women and men issures involving HIV/AIDS
sexual morality and responsibility

Presentations on this level can be tailored to meet the following:
2 credit specialized course meeting the 16 hour requirement in a BA program (each State and/or College will have to determine if this meets their ownrequirements. Note: a 1 1/2 hour examination must be taken for the credit program and a college pass is a pre-requisit for credit)
Seminar-style workshops can be tailored to fit specific needs and can be anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day in duration
Intensive training for peer educators who wish to work in conjunction with “Africa...Operation Whole” as a service to their community, is available. Certification is only given to those completing the training, whereupon they will be outfitted with teaching tools by “Africa...Operation Whole”.

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Practical peer-education of SRC's, perfects, and student leaders is part of the training given to motivate positive peer pressure.