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Assisting management to educate and train employees about HIV/AIDS, thus avoiding unnecessary family deaths and unproductivity, due to loss of life in the productive years. Age-expectancy reductions in the Sub-Saharan region are projected to fall from an average of 64 to 36 years within the next 5 years if the current trend continues. This adverse affect in the work place can be curtailed if corporate education is prioritized and forthcoming immediately.

Assisting employees by utilizing high-tech, visually-impactive teaching with the use of the latest videos and transparencies, for understanding the following:

HIV/AIDS worldwide & in Africa Lifes choices that bring fulfillment
Life skills and management Equipping for respect in the workplace
Body Functions STD information
Developing meaningful & healthy relationships Testing & Condom issues
Moral and family values Why there is no HIV/AIDS cure
Living with HIV/AIDS Sharing with our families
  Practical home care for the ill

Assisting management by in-service training of employees, to cultivate healthy life-styles, ensuring fulfillment of personal and corporate goals.

Assisting management in training in Africa’s most critical crises (HIV/AIDS) so businesses do not have to re-invent the wheel. “Africa…Operation Whole’s” presentation is comprehensive, professional, cross-culturally sensitive, and highly motivational in effective progressive management results.

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Corporate management understands the possible negative economic fall-out resulting from untimely employee death due to HIV/AIDS.