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Immediate Needs

1. OW’s upcoming large seminar training in several countries. Plans are forthcoming for teams to go into Botswana, Namibia as well as some of South Africa’s largest cities. We expect several hundred in attendance in each seminar including both Christians and many non-Christians from the community...all to learn God’s solutions to the horrific AIDS crisis in the Southern region.

2. Upcoming HIV/AIDS couse-seminars being taught in many Provinces of S. Africa, and OW’s teams going weekly in the public schools, as well as training AIDS counserlors and home care givers.

3. Pray for our many new full time national teams, who are also helping with ministry requests in distant places.

4. Zimbabwe nationals who are facing starvation, for the many farmers who face eviction, and for peace to return to that nation. Plans are underway to send large supplies of AIDS materials to this country who have so little.

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