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If you are in an African country, the best thing is for you to work with the head of your church or organization and contact us to see how we can best coordinate our efforts in the fight against AIDS in your community. Please contact us and we will work with you.

If you are outside of Africa, abroad, the best thing you can do is:

#1 — PRAY. With one (1) out of two (2) children 15 years and under projected to die of AIDS in some Sub-Sahara countries in the next few years, the AIDS crisis is a human catastrophe. Please pray for us as we labor to get materials out fast to maximize training others. Please pray for the infected and affected (which is almost everybody in Sub-Sahara Africa) who are being devastated by the AIDS pandemic. Please pray for the indigenous churches that they will have the courage to get involved NOW and will no longer be in denial and in silence.

#2 — FINANCIALLY GIVE. OW needs a great deal of money monthly to freely train, equip and supply multiplied thousands of African leaders with these AIDS resources. OW’s materials are first class and recognized world-wide as some of the best being produced. We need an increase of one-time donors and regular monthly support partners. You are invited to send your gift for this life-saving ministry to us at:

U. S. Address: 1516 Canyon Lake Santa Ana, CA. 92705-6910 or

Africa Address: P. O. Box 612 Randpark Ridge 2156, South Africa

For tax deductable receipts send to:
Assemblies of God USA, World Missions
Acct. #229447 - Tisdalle
Operation Whole Ministries
1445 Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802

Thank you for putting our 229447 account number on all donations. We will assure that you obtain a tax receipt.

For your information our Stateside phone number is 714-744-3326 and fax is 714-744-3328.

OW has informational brochures which outline the scope of the AIDS pandemic where we minister. With grateful hearts to our God, we can honestly report that OW is one of the most successful and sought-after AIDS ministries involving teaching, training and educating in Africa today. Please contact us if you desire to be on our mailing list or would like further information. Blessings!

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