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Vern Tisdalle, Director, is a credentialed minister and teacher under the Assemblies of God, USA. Vern has pastored for 37 years in three countries as well as founded and pastored a large church in Zambia for 10 years.

Directly, we work with the Assemblies of God world wide, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, the International Assemblies of God of South Africa, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zambia and Grace Ministries, however, OW is a registered, government recognized NGO (non-government organization) in several Sub-Sahara countries. Our training courses have been given government recognition. Along with training, education, evangelism, team building, and curriculum writing, OW also offers a 2-credited (20 hour) course for post High School Bible Colleges.

OPERATION WHOLE also works extensively in the non-Christian sector with sundry corporate world businesses and community organizations, therefore, we are cross-denominational, multi-religious and non-sectarian in nature being that AIDS knows no such boundaries. Our ethos, however, is morally based on the principles contained in the Holy Bible (abstinence before marriage, and faithfulness in marriage). Our line of defense against AIDS is empowering people to make RIGHT choices by heart change resulting from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Biblical, morally-based solutions to Africa’s AIDS pandemic through teaching and training seminars to equip peer educators to take the message of hope to their communities, both Christians and non-Christians.

Evangelism to the non-Christian community utilizing the open door of HIV/AIDS education, bringing Christ to the hurting.

Humanitarian and compassionate service in all areas related to the HIV/AIDS affected and infected.

Equipping congregants within local churches to do the work of the ministry, specifically as it relates to moral lifestyle and AIDS ministry.

Authoring and providing user-friendly, relevant curriculum and distribution booklets for the masses in Africa, dealing with AIDS issues.

Imparting compassionate training for home-based care for the AIDS infected and their extended families.

Praying for Divine healing for the sick and dying.

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Rev. Vern and Esther Tisdalle
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Rev. Vern and Esther Tisdalle
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Rev. Vern and Esther Tisdalle