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OW has written or utilizes the following AIDS resources in our seminars:

EDWARD THE ELEPHANT — comic booklet owned by the Assemblies of God, USA. We utilize this as a handout in schools following an AIDS education assembly for ages 13 and under.

BOOK OF HOPE — Child and Teen Editions. Owned by the ‘Book of Hope’. We use it in conjunction with the handout of AIDS booklets in school settings. This is an illustrated, topical, Scripturally annotated booklet giving answers to children/youth life questions.

WHO WILL CRY FOR ME — authored by Dr. Joanne Butrin of the Assemblies of God, USA, is particularly for the national Christian pastor and leader as a compassionate response to the AIDS infected and affected and their families.

Leaders who complete ‘Course One’ and are now ready to implement a practical AIDS ministry in their community that they can handle, are supplied with the above resource books at no charge from OW. We are regularly available for follow-up on any implementation assistance. OW’s materials are only available, for the most part, to those who complete the seminar training. We are not an AIDS material commercial distributor in any way. A second ‘Course Two’ is conducted for leaders who go on to ministry in home care, death & dying issues, etc.

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Edward the Elephant Says Help Stop Aids
Every student receives an “Edward the Elephant” comic book.