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1 1/2 hour presentation

I Am Special
I Fulfill a Special Purpose
I Am Empowered to Succeed
I Should Not Die Before My Time
HIV/AIDS Infection is Within My Personal Empowerment
I Can Live a Long/Healthy Life if I Make Right Choices
Understanding HIV/AIDS with Reinforcement Skills to Not Acquire It
Understanding personal empowerment with my own sexuality and learning how to express it with moral responsibility
Empowerment Over My Own Body, and Avoiding Sexual Abuse

Utilizing fast-paced, visual educational teaching methods that are culturally sensitive.

Student-participatory Sketch reinforcing personal empowerment and life-skill strength.

Visually impactive correlating video on HIV/AIDS.

Each student receiving an “AIDS & YOU…10 Answers You Always Wanted” booklet as a personal resource tool.

Two older students with AIDS and ME materials in hand.
Follow-up student clubs for strengthening responsible citizenship and good morals, coordinated together with “Africa…Operation Whole” and “ Youth Alive” on a weekly basis.
and “ Youth Alive” on a weekly basis.