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Christian Pastoral/Leadership & Bible College Seminar Workshops are conducted inter-denominationally in the countries of Sub-Sahara Africa and contain the following:

Examination of Scripture as to what Jesus would do in meeting the HIV/AIDS crises.

Accurate up-date of the AIDS crises worldwide and particularly in Africa.

Accurate informational challenge to Christian leadership in three areas:

1. Helping with teaching in congregations/community in the area of Biblical sexuality in a culturally sensitive manner, while understanding the mindset of secular society, regarding this subject:

2. Helping pastors/leadership in practically ministering to HIV/AIDS persons in the community.

3. Helping Christian leadership to be pro-active in ways of stopping HIV and AIDS spread in the community.

Challenging Christian leadership with practical ideas and ways they can be involved in HIV/AIDS Awareness ministry in their communities, without fear or lack of knowing how. Contemporary issues involving condoms, testing, morally-neutral teaching in schools, are carefully examined and documented. Sample sermon ideas are shared. Note: a pastors/leadership PAK is made available for sale at a nominal charge, giving resources for the pastor/leader.

All seminars are high-tech, visually-impactive, hands-on utilizing professional graphics, overheads and videos to make the material motivational and realistic.

Bible College accredited course supplement for a BA program, totaling 16 hours and worth 2 credits, can be given to prepare students for community ministry in the HIV/AIDS crises. A 50% pass examination is a pre-requisite.

Individual certification as an HIV/AIDS Awareness Peer-Educator is given to all attendees who complete this course. Only certified AOW educators are permitted to use copyrighted resources.

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Our ethos is Christian based yet compatible to all faiths who embrace traditional, moral values and compassion
ns-serif" size="-2">Our ethos is Christian based yet compatible to all faiths who embrace traditional, moral values and compassion