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Primarily, OPERATION WHOLE works on the premise of conducting (by our trained national team leaders) Course One: a 2-day training seminar consisting of 16 teaching hours on all of the relevant concerns encompassing HIV/AIDS, in workshop form. Because this course is government recognized, we give “Certificates of Completion” to all who complete the course. These are hosted by sundry churches, businesses and other community organizations, and the attendees are comprised of church leaders, Christian laity, non-Christian business people and non-Christian adherents (open to all).

OW has written or utilizes the following AIDS resources in our seminars and for wide distribution.

REAP — (Resource Education for AIDS Prevention) authored by the Tisdalles is a two-volumed, 24 Chapter, 225-page curriculum available for the lay African leader who has completed ‘Course One’ seminar training. REAP includes all the major AIDS concerns in illustrated, graphic form either by flip charts, overheads or CD Rom, for teaching purposes. It caters to a picture-prompt style of teaching and learning. REAP is only available through OPERATION WHOLE as a resource tool and makes easier teaching for Africans on a subject not easily broached in any culture.

Note: An exception is made for Assemblies of God and affiliate missionaries who live outside of our seminar/s areas, and will use it for AIDS education. They may contact us to make arrangements to receive a complimentary personal copy.

AIDS & ME — also written by the Tisdalles is a 22-page handout booklet for ages Junior High through adult and effectively presents the Gospel, as well as places to obtain personal help.

DIVINE HEALING FOR AIDS AND OTHER LIFE THREATENING SICKNESSES — written by the Tisdalles is a 30-page testimonial and Scripturally topical handout booklet giving God’s Word and His answers to AIDS sufferers, in particular.

PLEDGE TO PURITY CERTIFICATE — is utilized in all High School assemblies with an attractive pledge commitment certificate for the student to keep, reinforcing abstinence-until-marriage, as well as the simple plan of salvation on the back.

AIDS THE CHURCH'S CHALLENGE — a challenge to every individual for personal involvement in the AIDS crisis in some form.

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