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1 hour presentation

I Am Special
I Fulfill a Special Purpose
I Am Empowered to Succeed
I Should Not Die Before My Time
HIV/AIDS Infection is Within My Personal Empowerment
I Can Live a Long/Healthy Life if I Make Right Choices
Understanding HIV/AIDS with Reinforcement Skills to Not Acquire It
Empowerment Over My Own Body, and Avoiding Sexual Abuse

Utilizing fast-paced, visual educational teaching methods that are culturally sensitive.

Singing, Student-participatory Sketch reinforcing personal empowerment and life-skill strength.

Visually impactive correlating video on HIV/AIDS.

Each student receiving an “Edward the Elephant Says Help Stop AIDS” comic booklet.

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Younger Students

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A group of primary school students, representing the thousands of students who receive HIV/AIDS education in our highly visual presentations.
Group of Young Students ready to learn.
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